Five Reasons to Self-Renovate Your Home

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Renovating your home can be a challenging experience, especially if you have major renovations planned that involve every part of the house and backyard. It becomes even more of a challenge when you are doing the work while living in the house. One question that you need to ask yourself before you start the renovation is ‘Do I do it myself? Or ‘Do I hire someone?’If you aren’t ready to get into the dirt and blister your hands, then a renovation job is not for you. However simple you think it is, a home renovation involves a lot hard work and you also need a lot of patience an if you don’t have either of these then home renovation work is not for you. Let us look at some of the reasons for doing it yourself than hiring a professional.

1. Save Money:

If you are hiring a contractor, it is going to cost you much more than if you do it by yourself. Labour cost is not very cheap these days and in some cases labour cost is much more than material cost. So if you want to save this labour cost, then it is better you do it yourself. You should be ready for what lies ahead, sometimes a the repair that you thought could be simple turns into something major. You need to know your way around with the plumbing and electrical system of your house so that you don’t mess up any of these, knowledge on how to deal with a faulty socket or sewer blockage can come in handy.

2. Joy of doing it yourself

There is a sense of pride and joy that you get once you complete the renovation. If you want to enjoy that feeling you can do the renovation yourself. If you and your partner are planning to do the renovation together, it is a nice way to spend time together. Earlier it was difficult for anyone to start renovating on their own unless you know the ropes of house repairs but nowadays more than books, there are lots of videos available online which can help you do anything on your own. So even if you are not familiar with some work, you can still do it by looking at tutorials and taking enough precautions.

3. Save time

If you think you will save time if you hire contractors, nothing could be far from truth. Most of the times, these contractors do not complete the work on time and the renovation project gets extended. If you have taken temporary accommodation elsewhere during renovation, it is extra money you are spending when the renovation doesn’t get finished on time. If you are living in the house while the renovation is going on, you have to live the mess and the dust for those many extra days when the project gets extended. In saying that, it’s not harmful to contact a specialist for advice with an issue. If you find yourself trying to renovate a bathroom with no idea about pipes, you’d be better off getting in touch with a blocked drain plumber for consolation.

4. Less messy

When you are doing the renovation on your own, you are likely to make a lesser mess of the house than hiring a professional. You can take time and avoid making a mess of the things in your house while the renovation is happening when you are doing it by yourself. The workers will not be taking that extra care to make sure your things are not ruined.

5. Easier to envision the plan

Most of the times you might have a certain plan you want to be done on a renovation idea and when you hire a contractor, they may not understand the vision of your idea after completion you might find that what was done is not how you wanted it done. If you are doing it by yourself, such problems can be totally avoided.