Best Way To Restore Your Deck

deck rejuvenation

Find the best local contractors and compare the services of deck restoration Melbourne wide. If your deck is covered with a clear sealer or clear or translucent stain, you can simply clean the surface with wood floor cleaner without worrying about paint stripper and get your deck rejuvenation happening.

By removing the existing finish, you ensure that the new stain hits the fresh wood surface, creating better adhesion and a durable finish. Make sure you only apply the amount of wood stain that the wood can absorb when applied.

If you are working on a new wood surface that has been previously painted or varnished, clean the wood surface. If you have a lacquered or painted wood deck and you want the wood deck to be coloured, you must first remove the paint or varnish from the deck surface with a chemical paint remover.

Simply apply a thick coating of acrylic repair to an old wood deck to create a smooth finish that will last for years. Even if you stain or seal a wood deck, the planks can still crack and chip, making the deck look old and worn. 

The deck boards themselves are old and while they are still strong, the boards have started to crack and the paint has peeled off.

The best way to prepare a deck is to clean, sand and pressure wash the entire deck. A deck rejuvenation project like this can be completed in two days, but it’s best to spread the work over two weekends to make sure the wood is completely dry before applying the stain. 

After completing Step 1 with the Cleaner or Wood Stripper, as appropriate, a brightener can neutralize the pH of the surface and ensure proper stain application. When finished, vacuum well or rinse with water to remove dust and apply ipé oil.

Rinse the deck thoroughly after using this chemical, as it can eat away at the wood, causing premature washout and greying. 

While it’s not necessary to use a pressure washer for deck finishing, I highly recommend doing so.

As you can imagine, the cost of restoration depends a lot on the size of your deck, but if you want to, it can be done for less than $100. In the next post, I will share other deck renovation projects using this stain color.  

While our inexpensive deck restoration project cost more than we expected, it was much easier in your pocket to replace the entire deck.

We estimate that it would cost approximately $1,500 to replace ALL decking boards on our 30-year-old cedar deck with cedar. We painted the bridge with Behr Premium transparent penetrating oil in the colour of the wood.